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Student Classroom Chairs

Top 5 Classroom Furniture Pieces for Kindergarten?

Kindergarten classrooms need to have furniture that provide ample comfort for the little ones to sit and move in independently without the need of much help. Typically, kindergarten furniture is made from lightweight, mobile, and durable materials. There are a variety of options to choose from to make kindy rooms…


The Evolution of Classroom Furniture

Office Interior Ideas to Improve the Workspace Vibe   The Evolution of Classroom Furniture Due to the constant evolution of technology, we have seen advances in everything, from entertainment to education. In particular, the modern-day classroom has transformed completely in the last century. Classroom furniture is now available in impressive…

Education Furniture Australia

Office Interior Ideas To Improve The Workspace Vibe

Office Interior Ideas to Improve the Workspace Vibe Did you know that having the right office interior can transform the overall workspace vibe? Days in the office can be filled with ups and downs, with continuous strain put on employees due to stress, deadlines, and work overload resulting in diminished…


How To Set Up A Comfortable Staff Room?

How To Set Up a Comfortable Staff Room School spaces are likely to be designed with the student’s comfort in mind, however, it is important not to forget about the teachers, they deserve to be as comfortable (if not more) in their space as students are. The school staffroom is…


Classroom Furniture Layouts that Make a Difference

Classroom Furniture Layouts that Make a Difference The layout of your classroom furniture is as important as the school syllabus, and teaching methods. Reorganising the classroom can help achieve desired learning outcomes when it comes to your students. It is important to remember that different teaching methods require different types…


The Ultimate Guide to Furniture Customisation

Ordering custom furniture for your school or office can seem like a daunting task – however we are here to tell you that at Abax Kingfisher ordering custom furniture is made simple. Experience is important when manufacturing custom furniture, so we want to share our expertise and give you an…

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