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Office Interior Ideas To Improve The Workspace Vibe

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Office Interior Ideas to Improve the Workspace Vibe

Did you know that having the right office interior can transform the overall workspace vibe? Days in the office can be filled with ups and downs, with continuous strain put on employees due to stress, deadlines, and work overload resulting in diminished productivity. By improving the office space, you can help improve the overall productivity, and most importantly, the happiness of your employees.

So, without further ado, here are office interior ideas to improve the workspace vibe:


When you see a desk full of clutter, it doesn’t act as an energy booster. Messy desks can have a negative effect on productivity as more time is spent searching for important information or documents. By investing in functional furniture with built in compartments, your staff will easily be able to organise their desk in an efficient manner. Have a look at our Abax Kingfisher Avay Workstations, offering a durable frame and storage to keep your workspace tidy.




Comfort is the key to providing a positive, vibrant workspace that promotes productivity. Start with updating the furniture around the room. Choose furniture that seems strong, comfortable, and durable that will be able to withstand daily wear-and-tear. Providing comfortable office chairs can be a remedy for ensuring physical comfort. Invest in chairs that offer the right ergonomic comfort, including back support, stability, and cushioning. Our Saga Task Chair is the perfect example of a comfortable work chair, as it offers a height-adjustable backrest, elastic support and ventilation,



Height Adjustable Desks

Alike having adjustable chairs, investing in desks that cater to different body types can transform your workspace. Height adjustable desks will provide maximum ease to the employees and will increase their productivity. They also encourage physical wellness for your staff, resulting in overall happy and healthy employees.



Add more Colour

Transforming the colour palette of your workspace can make a significant change to the overall vibe of the office. Choosing the right colours is important as every colour is connected to a type of emotion, for example, blue and green can help boost productivity and increase concentration and yellow can help with creativity as it is a bright, stimulating colour.

At Abax Kingfisher we have many comfortable and colourful furniture options to choose from, for example have a look at our range of soft seating. With various fabrics, and colours available, you will be able to liven up your office while providing employees a comfortable place to have their breaks and complete their work.




Did you know that lighting can directly impact a person’s state of mind? Try to utilise as much natural like as possible in the office, and if there isn’t any natural light available, invest in LED lights that imitate natural light. Natural light can help boost employees’ energy and productivity levels.

At Abax Kingfisher, we can help you bring your office interior vision to life. We pride ourselves on providing the most innovative office and education furniture Australia can offer. If you are looking to transform your office space, give us a call on 1300 811 054.


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