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If you’ve got an archive; be that a filing system, books, or other documents and materials, then you need mobile storage. Sydney businesses, libraries and schools have only so much space, which is why Abax Kingfisher has worked hard to develop products that will help you make the most of this scarce resource.

Mobile compact shelving is a space saver because shelves can “slide” back and forth as needed. When no one needs to use a shelf, it can be “slid” next to another so that there’s no space being wasted in between. This technique also helps to preserve documents, by reducing their exposure to the elements when at “rest.”

Secondly, they need to be built robustly; normal shelves aren’t moved around much, but mobile shelves will be constantly banged into one another and the friction and impact of that means that they need to be built tough in order to last for years, as you would expect shelves to do.

You expect that mobile storage shelves will stand the test of time, and not need replacing. Abax Kingfisher’s expertise in building furniture for the most demanding of office and school environments means that we have the heritage and track record in making our furniture last. You can trust that any shelving that you purchase for us will stand the test of time and not need replacement or repair for many, many years.

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