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The Ultimate Guide to Furniture Customisation


Ordering custom furniture for your school or office can seem like a daunting task – however we are here to tell you that at Abax Kingfisher ordering custom furniture is made simple. Experience is important when manufacturing custom furniture, so we want to share our expertise and give you an insight into the process and benefits of furniture customisation.

Our Process:

At Abax Kingfisher, we have nailed down the process of curating the finest custom furniture pieces with our clients. Once you have expressed your interest in investing in custom pieces with us you will then meet with our design consultants. Our expert design consultants will ask you questions, such as what pieces you are looking for, the use of the items, and what environment will they be used in (for example, will the furniture be for the classroom or office, indoor or outdoor). We will then discuss adding your own personal touch, for example, what colours will you choose, the materials, the size, and so on. By doing this, we will have a clear understanding of the exact piece you want to create, and through our expertise, and resources, we will be able to bring your vision to life, all while adding the wonderful Abax Kingfisher touch to it.




The Benefits of Furniture Customisation:

There are a number of good reasons to buy custom made furniture, including:

  1. Quality – hand-crafted furniture is usually always better quality than furniture made in a factory. The craftsmanship put into creating unique pieces, the time, and the materials all add up to a more high-quality piece.
  2. Unique – when it comes to custom-made furniture, the design is your own. Meaning your piece is unique to you, your business, or your school. Your furniture will stand out and make a statement.
  3. Adaptable – if you have an odd-shaped or small space and you need chairs and tables to match, custom furniture can adapt to your needs.
  4. Personalised – you can choose the colour, shape, size, texture, and design that is suited to you. Custom furniture is all about personalising it to your specific taste.
  5. Value for money – custom furniture tends to be more durable, meaning you will get more years of use out of your pieces.
  6. Creativity – with custom-made furniture, you can get as creative as you want. Experiment with various styles and find what suits your needs and preferences best.


At Abax Kingfisher, our effort is to help your custom furniture process go smoothly and successfully. We are renowned for creating the finest office and classroom furniture Australia can provide. If you need a design for your classroom, library, or office, contact us today.

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