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Classroom Seating

The Best Student Chairs for Australian Classrooms

Abax Kingfisher provides the best student chairs Australia-wide. Our company has a long heritage in delivering robust, durable furniture for the demanding classroom environment, that also helps to keep students comfortable, in a good frame of mind for learning, and teaches them good posture.

Our range of student classroom chairs includes the classical four-legged seat, through to stools for higher desks, and swivel, mobile, chairs for those classrooms which are all about student interaction.

The days in which classrooms were neat rows of desks and chairs are long over; educators are looking for more flexibility, as school curriculums continue to evolve and look to challenge students to work in more open, creative environments. Our range of chairs has been designed to facilitate any classroom design.

Our chairs also come in a range of colours and designs to suit the chic, modern look of today’s classrooms. Bright, bold colours results in a more stimulating environment for students, and student classroom chairs are a prominent visual feature in the classroom. It’s important that the aesthetics of the chairs meet the design of the room, so at Abax Kingfisher, we have worked hard to build an extensive range of furniture to choose from.

Classroom furniture also goes through a lot of wear-and-tear. Chairs need to be designed for long hours of use each day, and to last for years. Students will also put a chair to the ultimate test by slouching in it, leaning on it, and bumping it as they move around. Our range of chairs all have premium durability designed right into them, meaning that your classroom will get years of use out of each one.

For more information on our range of student classroom chairs, why not call the friendly team at Abax Kingfisher? Our years of expertise in supplying classrooms across Australia means that we’re always happy to talk though any unique and creative ideas you may have for your space. Contact us at 1300 811 054.