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Top 5 Classroom Furniture Pieces for Kindergarten?

Student Classroom Chairs

Kindergarten classrooms need to have furniture that provide ample comfort for the little ones to sit and move in independently without the need of much help. Typically, kindergarten furniture is made from lightweight, mobile, and durable materials. There are a variety of options to choose from to make kindy rooms ready for young children to learn.

At Abax Kingfisher, as school furniture suppliers, it is our duty to help our clients understand where to start when furnishing a classroom. So, without further ado, here are the top five classroom furniture pieces for kindergarten:


Shaped Tables

Shaped tables can make a great difference to your kindergarten classroom, not only do they look great, but they provide a great space for young students to work collaboratively with their peers. Take a look at our Clover Table, as the name suggests, it is constructed in the shape of a clover, allowing room for up to four students. Its innovative design includes a writeable whiteboard top, perfect for young students.



Classic Classroom Chair

Classic student classroom chairs are the perfect addition to your classroom. Abax Kingfishers Classic Classroom Chair is a functional chair with a fully moulded polypropylene seat and frame; it’s constructed from durable and environmentally friendly material. It been designed for day-to-day use, and features a wide range of unique classroom friendly features that make the classroom experience better for both students and teachers, including:

  • Classroom approved lumber support
  • Open back design for airflow
  • Lightweight and robust, making it easy to manoeuvre

blankAriah Chair

Designed for comfort, durability, and design appeal the Ariah 4 Leg Classroom Chair is ideal for your kindy space. It provides a luxurious and comfortable place for young students to sit in during their first year of schooling. These student classroom chairs have a specially made shell with a ribbed back on allows the chair to ‘flex’ without breaking. It also adds a unique style to the chairs that will enhance the aesthetics of any space.




Book Storage

Young children love reading time, therefore, in your kindergarten classroom, there should be a reading centre that is used to store books for the students. At Abax Kingfisher our B Series B-53 Classroom Storage is a great solution to organise your classroom books. Less than a meter high, it is ideal for younger students to easily access any book they like.




Art Storage

Kindy students love art class, and every art class needs the right art storage solutions. Abax Kingfishers Art Dryer, is the perfect place to store paintings while drying and is great for the classroom. The heavy-duty lockable castors make it easy to move outside to speed drying time and the heavy-duty steel construction result in many years of service Protect those precious masterpieces whilst they are drying so they can be sent home in tip-top condition, The heavy-duty lockable castors make it easy to move outside to speed drying time and the heavy-duty steel construction result in many years of service.


If you want to transform your kindergarten classroom, call 1300 811 054 and talk to us about how we can bring your vision to life.

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