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Are there benefits to choosing local suppliers versus national or international ones?

School Furniture

Thanks to the globalised economy and the presence of the Internet, it is now possible to source just about anything you need from just about anywhere in the world. This means you can now choose to buy local, national, or even global.

This choice can significantly impact a company’s operations, sustainability, and community engagement. With over three decades of experience in both school furniture and office furniture sector, we’ve come to understand the true value of sourcing from local providers – it’s not only good for the local community, but you’re going to enjoy the quality that much more.

The Advantages of Going Local

Economic Impact on Local Communities 

Choosing local suppliers means financially supporting the local economy, helping to create jobs and ensuring that more money flows around the community. For Abax Kingfisher, contributing to the economic vitality of our community not only strengthens local ties but also builds a robust network of suppliers and customers who are mutually invested in each other’s success.

Enhanced Supply Chain Resilience 

Local sourcing often translates to shorter supply chains, which can offer greater resilience against global disruptions, such as those witnessed during the COVID-19 pandemic. To put it clearly, when you source furniture from your local Abax Kingfisher, you will benefit from reduced lead times and quicker turnaround for orders, so you’ll be enjoying that furniture so much more quickly.

Quality Control and Compliance 

Working with local suppliers allows for closer relationships, enabling better quality control and assurance that products meet local standards and regulations. At Abax Kingfisher, our commitment to quality is uncompromising, and we do that because as a local business our reputation means absolutely everything to us.


Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship 

Local sourcing typically means reduced transport distances, leading to lower carbon emissions and a smaller environmental footprint. For Abax Kingfisher, sustainability is a core principle. By choosing local suppliers, we contribute to environmental conservation efforts, aligning our business practices with our commitment to the planet.

Personalisation and Flexibility 

The proximity of local suppliers facilitates easier communication and collaboration, allowing for more personalised service and the ability to quickly adapt to changing needs or custom requests. This flexibility is crucial in the education sector, where the need for bespoke furniture solutions can arise to meet specific educational outcomes or space limitations.

Why you might consider national or international sourcing too

While the benefits of local sourcing are clear, there are also compelling reasons to consider national or international suppliers in certain contexts.

Access to a Broader Range of Products 

International suppliers can offer access to a wider variety of goods, materials, and technologies that may not be available locally. Of course, you can always use these suppliers as a “back up” if the local supplier either doesn’t have or can’t order what you need for you.


Cost Considerations 

In some cases, national or international sourcing can be more cost-effective due to economies of scale, lower production costs, or specific expertise in manufacturing certain products. For businesses, achieving a balance between cost, quality, and service is essential, and international suppliers can play a key role in this equation. But just remember, with local suppliers there is the quality question, and with furniture, high quality means that it needs to be replaced less often, saving you money in the long term.

Innovation and Global Trends 

International suppliers can offer exposure to global innovations and trends, providing businesses with insights and products that might not yet be available in the local market. This can be a significant advantage in industries where staying ahead of trends is crucial to competitiveness and success. On the other hand, with local businesses, you’re more than a number, and the business will invest more time and energy into helping you.

The Abax Kingfisher Approach 

At Abax Kingfisher, we recognise the importance of a balanced sourcing strategy that leverages the strengths of local, national, and international suppliers. By maintaining a diverse supplier base, we ensure not only the resilience and sustainability of our supply chain but also the quality and innovation of the products we offer.

Our approach is guided by a commitment to supporting local economies and businesses while also acknowledging the value and opportunities presented by national and international suppliers. This balanced perspective allows us to offer our customers the best of both worlds—a diverse product range that meets our high standards for quality and sustainability, backed by the reliability and personalisation that local sourcing can provide.

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