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How To Set Up A Comfortable Staff Room?


How To Set Up a Comfortable Staff Room

School spaces are likely to be designed with the student’s comfort in mind, however, it is important not to forget about the teachers, they deserve to be as comfortable (if not more) in their space as students are. The school staffroom is a sacred space where teachers go to have a break away from their hectic day of teaching.

We understand the benefits of creating a welcoming school classroom environment, and the same also applies to the school staffroom. By creating a nice space that teachers ‘want’ to go to is essential to foster a supportive community of educators.

So, without further ado, here are some tips to create a comfortable staff room:

Create Comfort with Soft Seating     

Teachers are on their feet all day in the classroom, especially when teaching younger students, therefore adding soft seating to your staff room is one of the best ways to encourage teachers to sit down and relax during their break. Take a look at Abax Kingfishers range of soft seating, from lounges to bean bags, you will be able to find seating to make your staff room the comfiest it has ever been.




Collaborative Desks

Alike students, teachers also need to collaborate to plan out their classes. In the staffroom, ensure that there is a table that will fit at least four people at a time, such as our Team Meeting Table. We have a variety of sizes available, meaning you can fit the Abax Kingfisher Team Meeting Table in any staffroom, no matter how big or small the space is.




Add Lively Plants

Adding greenery into a staffroom offers a range of wellness benefits. Research has displayed that there is a link between the presence of indoor plants and increased productivity and reduced stress. A couple small plants in the middle of staffroom tables is all that is needed to liven up the space.



An organised space is a calm space, by implementing the right storage solutions, you can keep the staffroom neat and organised at all times. Teachers have an abundance of resources that they use daily, so installing cabinets in the staffroom is ideal to ensure they are all in a safe space and easily accessible.




Snack Corner

Clear out some space in the corner of the staffroom to include a coffee machine, kettle, and a mini-fridge. Having a mini-fridge stocked with healthy snack options can help teachers get an extra energy boost in the middle of the day.




Personalising the staffroom with decorations is a great way to make the space more welcoming and comfortable. Add a pinboard to your classroom where you can pin up pictures, artwork, inspirational quotes, and any announcements. This is a great way to add a bit of colour to your staffroom.

At Abax Kingfisher, it is our mission to provide the finest staffroom and classroom furniture Australia can offer. If you are looking to transform your school space, give us a call 1300 811 054 and talk to us about how we can bring your vision to life.

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