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What Furniture Works Well in A Primary School Library

Zeal Tables, Belrose Ottomans, Ariah Chairs, Teachers Walls And Library Shelving In Library

The primary school library is a space where young minds can engage in stories and resources that will further help them with their learning and development. Therefore, it is crucial to choose the correct library furniture that is suitable for the students age and size to ensure they are comfortable and able to engage without distraction.


At Abax Kingfisher we develop the most innovative educational furniture Australia can provide. Here are the best furniture pieces that we believe will liven up your school’s library:


Circulation Desks

Circulation desks are the centrepiece of the library. It is the hub of activity and a place students can go for assistance in locating reading materials and borrowing books. It is important that this desk is durable to withstand high traffic use. Abax Kingfisher produce circulation desks from any material and is made to measure to suit your library.


Activity Tables

To encourage learning and development, it is vital to provide spaces where students can easily work together and engage in activities. Activity tables come in various shapes and sizes, consider Abax Kingfishers innovative Clover Table, which is designed to allow young students to easily work together.


Library Shelving

When you think of a school library, your first visualisation is the abundance of books on the library shelves. It is important that primary schools invest in library shelving that allows them to easily access all the books that they need. Make sure the shelves are not too tall so that the books are easily accessible for younger students.


Readers Cubby

Primary school libraries should always offer a quiet and comfortable space for young children to read. A readers cubby is the perfect addition to your school library, providing a quiet and cosy reading nook with plenty of storage space for books and other resources.


Display Units

Primary school children are more visual when choosing to engage in books. Book racks and display units are the most effective pieces to display stories and resources that students may be interested in reading.


Book Return Trolley

It is important that the school library is kept neat and tidy. Therefore, investing in book return trolleys will help with the organisation of resources. Have a few trolleys situated around the library and encourage students to place the book that they borrowed into the trolley after use.


For more information about the most innovative education furniture Australia can offer to liven up your primary school library, contact Abax Kingfisher on 1300 300 369.





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