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Creative furniture options for your school classroom


Today’s students thrive in classroom spaces that facilitate engagement, collaboration, and connections. Research shows that when schools incorporate flexible, innovative, and creative furniture pieces, together with technology, student learning often improves.

However, many schools today are still not equipped to support increased student engagement, as they still opt for traditional desks while the teacher lectures from the front of the room. This kind of classroom design does not foster individual learning and peer-to-peer collaboration. Instead, consider investing in furniture that is adaptable to technology, and can be easily transform your space.

At Abax Kingfisher, we have a range of creative furniture options for your school classroom. Here are a few to consider:

Quart Table

If you are searching for desks that you can easily use for both individual and collaborative learning, look no further than the Quart Table. Due to its innovative design, teachers and students can easily transform the classroom into group learning, as four tables placed together can create a perfect round table. You can also opt for a writable whiteboard top for students to brainstorm and share their ideas.


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Block Series

To create a ‘breakout’ space in the school classroom, consider the Abax Kingfisher Block Series. The Block Series promotes creativity with its many layout options it will fit exceptionally well in any area. It is also excellent for communication and learning. You can rearrange the blocks to suit any space in the school. These are ideal if you are creating a reading corner in the school classroom, or if you need comfortable seating options in your school library.




Anywhere Student Chair

The Anywhere Student Chair is a great creative furniture option that offers children choices in the way they learn. These versatile low floor seats are lightweight and portable so students can collaborate in small flexible learning groups. The Anywhere Student Chair can also be easily moved by students into independent learning zones for exploring projects on their own.


Roundhouse with a Bench

The Roundhouse with a Bench is the perfect addition to a creative classroom. Investing in the Roundhouse with a Bench allows you to set up the classroom as a panel, which can help students work together with each other and the teacher. It also offers various forms of seating, you can utilise the bench during lessons when students need to focus, and the soft seating for a more relaxed learning environment such as reading time.


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If your looking to update your classroom furniture with innovative and creative pieces, look no further than Abax Kingfisher. As one of the top suppliers for innovative school furniture NSW schools trust, we have the expertise to create wonderful spaces the foster creative learning.  For more information, and to learn how we can help bring your vision to life, contact us today on 1300 811 054 and speak to one of our friendly consultants.

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