As Australia’s most populated city, Sydney has a greater range of schools than any other place in Australia. However, there is a common thread among them; they all need quality school classroom furniture. Sydney schools and other educational institutions are renowned for pushing the envelope and being creative in how students are taught, and school classroom furniture can play a big role.

Whether it’s preschool classroom furniture, high school classroom furniture, or college classroom furniture, the old ways of teaching are being thrown out the window. Nice, neat rows of tables and desks are being phased out as teaching styles change. You’re as likely to see a teacher in the middle of the room with a whiteboard talking to a “round table” of actively participating students as you are to find booth areas set up for activity-based learning experiences as you are to see a traditional classroom.

These teaching innovations have been proven to drive greater levels of engagement and participation by students, and better learning outcomes as a result. But to truly maximize the effectiveness of these new ways of teaching, the approach to school classroom furniture needs to be re-thought.

As an added benefit, classrooms are now looking increasingly like workspaces in office environments, and this helps schools achieve that ultimate goal in education; to prepare students for adult life after school.

How to buy the finest in classroom furniture, Sydney.
Abax Kingfisher has been a specialist supplier of furniture for school classroom to Sydney’s schools of all types for many years now. We understand the needs of students and teachers, and work hard to create the most comfortable and productive learning environments for each and every student. When it comes to classroom furniture, Australia is spoiled for choice, but purchasing all the innovative, creative and effective furniture you’ll need is as simple as giving us a call and telling us the kind of learning environment that you’re looking for. From there we will be able to plan out a furniture solution that will delight teachers, students and their parents.




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