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What happens once you place an order with Abax Kingfisher?

Infographic Of An Abax Kingfisher Branded Delivery Truck

In this article, we will take you through the seven-step process Abax Kingfisher undertakes to ensure that your order is handled and delivered in the most efficient and effective manner possible. From the initial order received to the final delivery and/or installation, we will detail each step of the process, so you can gain a better understanding of how we work to provide you with your premium products.

infographic outlining the 7 steps Abax Kingfisher takes to deliver and install an order

Step 1: Order Received 

Once we have received the order your Design Consultant will be in touch with an Order Acknowledgement; this details everything we’re going to make for you, along with what finishes, fabric colours, laminates, and any other important information we have discussed up to this point.

Your Design Consultant then will pass your order acknowledgment and purchase order along to the logistics department for processing.

Step 2: Order is Processed by Logistics 

Once the order is received by our logistics team, it is assigned a unique reference number and entered into our project management system.

Step 3: QA Check  

Once the order has been processed, an intensive quality assurance (QA) check is conducted to ensure that all items are correct and fit for purpose.

Step 4: Products are Scheduled for Manufacturing 

After the QA check is completed, the products are scheduled for manufacturing. Our manufacturing team and partners works closely with the logistics team to ensure that your products are manufactured efficiently and effectively.

Please note: We don’t normally contact you during the manufacturing phase. As soon as your products are ready to dispatch, we will be back in contact with you. 

Step 5: Product Manufacture is Completed 

Once the products are manufactured, they undergo a final inspection to ensure that they meet Abax Kingfisher’s quality standards. If any issues are identified during this inspection, they resolved before the products are scheduled for delivery and/or installation.

Step 6: Your Order is Booked for Delivery and/or Installation. 

Our logistics team will be in contact with you to book a suitable date and time.

Step 7: Delivery and/or Installation  

On the agreed-upon date, the products are delivered and/or installed by one of our install teams.

Lead Times

Our standard lead time is 7 to 8 weeks from date of order. These lead times may change if the products are custom items or not in stock.

Your design consultant will work with you to ensure the products provided fit your required lead times.

We also have a range of quick ship items that can be delivered within 14 days – check them out here.

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