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What Can I Do to Make My Learning Space Better Looking?

Ariah Chairs & Stools Combined With Como Flip Tables & Teknik Tables In Classroom

Teaching is not only about sharing knowledge with students, but also important to create a learning space that students can feel comfortable and supported during school.


Think about the small changes you can make within your space to visually make an impact, the layout and design of your classroom and new items and classroom furniture you can add to make the learning space more vibrant. At Abax Kingfisher we prioritise creating the top-quality educational furniture Australia can offer to assist in creating visually appealing learning spaces.


Check out these ideas to make your classroom more engaging and comfortable for your students:


Use Natural Light

Maximising the use of natural light in the classroom can make for a more relaxed and warmer environment. Natural light can help reduce stress and foster a calm classroom environment. Studies show exposure to natural light improves their academics, attendance, and behaviour.


Paint an Accent Wall

Painting an accent wall at the front of the classroom will foster student’s concentration. Consider using vibrant colours such as yellow and orange, which stimulate and energise students’ minds.


Create Collaborative Learning Spaces

Consider ways you can re-arrange your classroom furniture to foster collaborative learning. Investing is classroom furniture such as stackable desks permit you to easily transform your classroom for students to work together in groups as well as allowing more space in the classroom for other activities. Abax Kingfisher supply the most versatile stackable school furniture NSW can offer.


Images and Artwork

Celebrate your students’ accomplishments by displaying images of them learning on walls as well as their artworks. This visually showcases their learning behaviours and encourages students to be proud of the work that they have completed. This will also fill your classroom walls with vibrant and inspiring colours.


Avoid Clutter

Ensure that you keep your classroom neat and de-clutter when necessary. Clutter can distract students from their learning. For example, if you are displaying student’s artwork in your classroom, instead of filling up all the walls make sure you are keeping some wall space free, you can do this by swapping out the artwork.



Abax Kingfisher provide the highest quality education furniture Australia can offer and prioritise students comfort when learning. For more information about creating a wonderful classroom contact us on 1300 300 369.






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