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The Five Must Have Library Furniture Pieces


When choosing your library furniture, it is important to consider the best furniture pieces and how they can accommodate students. Public and school libraries must consider which furniture is appropriate for both individual and group study to enhance students learning and development.

So, without further ado, here are what we consider the five must-have library furniture pieces:

1. Lounge and Soft Seating

Having comfortable soft seating in your library is a must. Lounges are not only perfect for relaxing reading time, but also create a welcoming environment for groups to gather in the library as a place to spend time and study. For schools, in particular, providing soft seating in the library gives students another place to hang out rather than the traditional school playground or classroom.


2. Individual Study Tables

Libraries have always been a great place for students to engage in quiet study. Create a section in your library with individual tables to offer students the opportunity to concentrate on their work in a peaceful environment.

blank3. Group Study Tables

Libraries must also provide spaces for students to work in groups, therefore the solution is to provide large group study tables. Look at Abax Kingfishers innovative and modern Clover Table, designed to allow students to seamlessly work together.


4. Library Shelves

When you think of a library the first image that comes to mind is the library shelves filled with endless amounts of books. It is crucial that libraries invest in top-quality library shelving to organise any resources, as well as allowing students easy access to any book that they need.

blank5. Book Trolleys

Practicality is a must in libraries. Book trolleys allow students and teachers to gather a wide range of resources from the library and transport them easily. They are also essential for librarians and make it easier for them to organise and move books and other resources around the library.


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