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How can a library help a student?

Kingfisaher Library Shelving, Ottomans And Ariah Chairs In Library

Libraries are very important to schools and communities, and they are constantly evolving. The library is no longer just a ‘silent’ place for students to study with books on library shelves.


With the progression of the use of technology within education, the library becomes a place where innovation, creativity, collaboration, learning, and development are possible.


Libraries are a welcoming and relaxing place that also provides students with a stimulating and flexible learning environment.


Helping with Students Wellbeing and Academic Outcomes

The school library is a place that enhances and encourages student’s wellbeing. Students usually have access to their school library before, after and during school hours, providing a space where librarians and teachers can assist students with their learning. Student wellbeing has become a very important topic within the development of student’s education. Students with high levels of wellbeing are more likely to succeed academically during school, in particular completing Year 12.


Libraries support student’s wellbeing by providing a place for students to gather, share ideas and stories, explore the books on the library shelving, relax on comfortable library furniture and build relationships with their peers and teachers.


Helping to Set Up Students Future

Learning and development does not just end when students finish school. Libraries encourage a lifetime of education, and as students grow older it continues to be a place where people can further explore topics that they are interested in.


Libraries encourage students to continue to build upon their knowledge, they can assist with finding relevant resources that will help students build the skills that they need for their future, such as information about career choices and degrees they can complete to enhance their knowledge and become more employable. Libraries also offer help when finding a job, librarians can help develop a resume and provide interview tips and training.




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