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How Are School Libraries Changing?

Ariah Stools And Roundhouse With Bench In School Library

Library shelving in school libraries is not the only thing that makes libraries the central location of many schools. They are a place that encourages innovation and learning transformations.


Over the years libraries have moved to an amazing dynamic environment that fosters creative learning. Here are five ways schools have changed their library spaces:


1. Collaborative Learning

Libraries are now a place that supports students in collaborating in school projects. Library furniture including chairs and tables can be moved and regrouped to support both small and large group collaboration. Students are also encouraged to utilise movable technologies such as tablets and laptops more as they work together. Libraries also usually have mobile whiteboards for group brainstorming. Thus, making the library customisable to meet student learning needs.


2. More Technology

Although desktop computers have been in libraries for decades now, the technology collection in school libraries now include so much more. In addition to tablets and laptops, many school libraries now incorporate cutting-edge technologies, such as interactive projectors and 3D printers. Students are encouraged to use these technologies for research and creativity.


3. Added Comfort

School libraries have become a comfortable place for students to study outside of the traditional classroom. Most libraries now have relaxed seating and cosy corners situated next to library shelves for students to read their favourite books. It is important for libraries to foster different types of learning; thus, they also include desks and chairs that provide students with a place for quiet study and concentration.


4. Team Teaching and Dynamic Learning

School librarians have also now become more involved in teaching students and supporting learning activities. Librarians now teach classes on digital citizenship, information literacy, and safe online practices. They also offer training to staff, covering up-to-date recourses and technologies.


5. Noise

School libraries are no longer just a silent place with librarians telling students to be quiet. Due to all the collaboration and creativity in libraries, they are now an exciting place buzzing with activity. The library has become a lively hub that encourages student learning.



For information on how to best design your school library to foster learning and collaboration, contact Abax Kingfisher on 1300 300 369.







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