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Why Creating a Good Study Space Is Important?


A proper study space can play a huge role when it comes to retaining information, this is why schools and libraries must ensure that they have designated spaces designed for optimal study. There are various things to consider when creating a good study space, from the furniture to lighting, here is what you need to know:

Durable Tables

Student tables are used day in, day out, so it is important that you invest in desks that are durable enough to withstand wear and tear. Consider investing in height adjustable tables, this allows students to adjust the desk to their preferred height to allow ultimate comfort while studying.


Comfortable Chairs

Having a comfortable place to sit and study is the most important aspect in creating a good study space. Therefore, opt for chairs that provide great back support and cushioning, this is important for those who are studying for long periods of time. Importantly, make sure that the chair fits the height of the table or desk.


Ensure Adequate Lighting

A study space that is too dark will not only make it easier for you to zone out of studying, but it can cause eye strain. On the other hand, harsh lighting, such as fluorescent light is bad for your eyes too. If natural light is available, certainly make use of it, natural lighting helps create a calming environment to study in and minimises eye strain.


Keep Your Space Organised

It is important that you avoid clutter in study spaces. Clutter not only looks bad but can become a distraction for students.  Make sure that you have the right storage solutions put into place to organise your space, this may include shelving for resources such as books, and cabinets for study supplies.

At Abax Kingfisher, as your trusted education furniture suppliers, we are devoted to helping our clients create great study spaces for their students. Contact us on 1300 811 054, for further information.

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