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Updating your classroom furniture? Here is what to do with your older pieces:


Updating your classroom furniture is an exciting process. It is always a great feeling being able to provide your students with updated and new furniture that will further enhance their studies. However, if you are updating your classroom furniture but your old piecesare still in a usable condition, consider these options:

Donate Through Not-For-Profit 

If you are purchasing new school classroom furniture, but your old pieces are still in good condition, consider donating. There are various charities that you can contact to organise a pick-up such as Vinnies and the Salvation Army. Otherwise, contact your education furniture suppliers and ask if they donate furniture through not-for-profit organisations.


Donate to Schools in Need

Contact your local community centre or any nearby schools and ask if they need new furniture. This way you will know firsthand that your items are going to schools that will benefit from your old pieces. Make sure you clean all the pieces to make them look as new as possible before donating.

Recycle The Furniture

If the classroom furniture is made from recyclable materials such as wood or metal, you can take it to the nearest community recycling facility or the large recycling bin to rid of the furniture in an environmentally friendly way.

blankRepurpose the Furniture

Before deciding to dispose of the furniture, consider updating the pieces with a brand-new look. You can use your imagination and turn old pieces to something new. Take a look at sites such as Pinterest for tutorials on how to refurbish old pieces.


At Abax Kingfisher, we are dedicated to supplying the finest classroom furniture. For more information on updating your school furniture and for ideas on how to recycle your old classroom furniture, contact us on 1300 811 054.

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