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What makes a good interior for a classroom?


We spend a lot of our early years of life in a school classroom, therefore classroom interior design is very important. Developing spaces that foster a positive classroom experience is vital to how the classrooms work.

So, without further ado, here is what we believe makes good interior classroom design:


Colour adds warmth and liveliness to the school classroom. Consider adding a colour feature wall preferably where you want students to focus their attention, like behind the classroom’s whiteboard. Choose colours such as green and blue, as they foster calmness in the classroom and set clear visual boundaries.



Natural Lighting

Natural lighting is important and has a great impact on learning. A space that makes the most of natural light helps students learn better and can have a positive influence on their health. Natural lighting makes the classroom more inviting compared to darker environments.




Providing students with comfortable school furniture will help students concentrate and get the most out of their class time. Consider the ergonomics of the classroom furniture. Do your classroom chairs provide enough back support? Are the tables the correct height? All of this comes into account when providing students with comfort.





It is important to furnish your classroom with pieces that can be easily moved around and reconfigured based on the nature of the lesson. Tables should accommodate small or large groups, while also allowing students to move around the classroom with ease.


The most important aspect of the classroom is safety. The classroom should be a safe place for students to freely explore without any risk of injury. A safe classroom includes item such as soft edged tables, and floor mats.

At Abax Kingfisher, we want to ensure that our clients can create wonderful learning spaces. For more information contact us today!

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