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What is the importance of a library in education?

Ariah Chairs, Bella Block Lounges And Kingfisher Library Shelving Used In School Library

A library is the heart of the education system, it is a place filled with an abundance of knowledge and resources and an environment where you can go and learn about any topic that you desire.


Libraries are more than just books on library shelves; it is a place that brings people together academically and socially.


Learning and Development in students

Although it might seem like technology is taking over, libraries, the librarian’s and their resources play a vital role in students educational learning and developments. Not all children have access to an abundance of age-appropriate books like the ones on library shelving. Therefore, the library becomes a place for them to have access to a range of stories and information that will help with development and enriching children’s minds.


Studies have also shown that those who read more not only see an improvement in their literacy skills, but in science and mathematics as well. With the use of technology being prominent in the education system, libraries tend to provide students with laptops and computers that can be used for research purposes, with information and e-books available through a click of a button.


Libraries are also a great escape from the regular classroom, offering a place for teachers to take their students to enhance their knowledge on topics that they are personally interested in.


Bringing communities together

Libraries provide a place for students to come together and share critical thinking and improve their literacy and life skills. They assist in creating a culture and space that supports and encourages students to read and learn for pleasure.


Whether it’s at a school or university, libraries become a place for students to go to for peace and quiet to allow focus while studying alone or with company. Creating a space to focus on the task on hand and access to tools that will evidently support students to build on teamwork skills when completing group projects.


Libraries have evolved overtime, most libraries provide unique spaces for socialising on comfortable library furniture, and quiet study areas with work desks and chairs for those who need a place with no distractions.


Therefore, becoming the perfect place to complete group work, to escape the hustle and bustle of school or university and to access a wide range of the educational resources that libraries have available.





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