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What are the 9 benefits of libraries in school?


School libraries play a vital role in education, it is the heart of the school as it homes an abundance of  knowledge and resources that assists in the learning and development of students.


Although the role of a school library remains constant, its design, library furniture, platforms and tools change as innovation and technology evolves.


Here is a list of 9 benefits of libraries in school:


1. School libraries can positively impact students’ academic achievements by encouraging students to perform better during examinations by reading various books and developing their knowledge on different subjects.


2. Ensure that students have all the resources needed, such as computer technology and research tools to further assist in their learning that they may not otherwise have access to at home or in the classroom.


3. Students can explore books on the library shelving beyond their subject curriculum, encouraging them to read and engage in various stories.


4. Libraries offer a place beyond the traditional classroom where teachers can encourage students to enhance their knowledge on topics that they are personally interested in.


5. School libraries provide quiet spaces for students to concentrate and engage in their studies.


6. Encouraging and building teamwork skills and engagement with other students as libraries provide comfortable school furniture and spaces for students to socialise and work together in groups.


7. Libraries in school teach students research skills by providing good quality academic resources and a school librarian which provides guidance on how to source important information.


8. School librarians play a vital role within the library, they encourage students and guide them in their reading. They offer opportunities to students and assist them in exploring stories and books beyond the classroom.


9. Libraries provide students with access to good quality and up to date books. Reading assists with the development of student’s literacy skills, the stronger the reading skills, the better students will do in all subjects.






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