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The Best Offices in The World

Myles Boardroom Chairs Used In Office Area

There is no limit to how creative a company can get when designing their workspace. Offices do not have to be traditional, by thinking outside the box you can get creative with design and still provide an amazing environment that everyone will enjoy.


Therefore, at Abax Kingfisher we aim to create the most comfortable and innovative furniture, including but not limited to vibrant lounges, chairs, storage solutions and office tables NSW can provide.


Many offices around the world have redefined what an office space should look like, by designing workspaces that are exciting and innovative. Here are some of the most creative offices around the world.


Google Offices – California, USA 


Google have built amazing offices representing various vibrant cultures while creating wonderful workspaces for all their employees to enjoy. The original headquarters in Mountain View, California dubbed the ‘Googleplex’ was the start of it all. With facilities such as bowling alleys, restaurants, swimming pools and volleyball courts just to name a few, creating the perfect place for both work and leisure.


Spotify – New York, USA


Designing a place that mirrors a company’s culture is what Spotify has aimed to do. With Spotify’s Swedish background, they have used woods with palettes of white and grey pastels, an array of plants and the use of soft fabrics on their furniture to create a space that is comfortable and true to their Swedish philosophy. They have designed their office so that all employees feel connected, by creating string walls to separate the rooms to allow easy communication while also offering separate workspaces.


Digital Luxury Group – Geneva, Switzerland


An office that encourages both relaxation and concentration is what Switzerland’s Digital Luxury Group created. Their office does not look like an office at all, the use of elegant and comfortable furniture is used in each room to make a desirable space for their employees to work in and for their clients to visit. With the use of modern furniture, they have created areas for flexible ways for working. Some rooms have homely couches that mimic living rooms, others with soft cushioned chairs and office tables to allow concentration for work to be completed.


Qualtrics – Sydney, Australia


Qualtrics took innovation to a new level when creating their office in Sydney, Australia. Not only does it have an amazing view of the city, but there are also lounge chairs in their break room creating a relaxing place for their staff. Another cool feature is the putting green, for their team to have a bit of competitive fun while playing mini golf inside the office. They are also fitted with treadmills fully equipped with a standing desk, so you not only get your work done but your daily workout in as well.


Here at Abax Kingfisher we can supply the most remarkable lounges, storage, chairs, and office tables Sydney can offer, helping you create an innovative and fun office environment.



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