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Expecting a furniture delivery? Here what you need to do to prepare


At Abax Kingfisher, it is our priority that your delivery runs as smooth as possible. While we do all we can on our end to make sure that your pieces are delivered as efficiently as possible, with no damage, it is as important that our clients are prepared for their furniture delivery also. To help guide our clients, we have created a list of tips to help you prepare for your next furniture delivery:

Make sure someone is there

It is important that someone will be available at your location to sign and accept the delivery of your new furniture. This will make the process a lot smoother as your nominated person will be able to guide us on where you would like the furniture and will remove the need for redelivery at a future date. Please contact us if you think you may not be available at the time of your delivery so that we can reschedule.

Remove the old furniture

If you are replacing old furniture, make sure that you remove them from the space prior to your delivery. This will make sure that your new item will easily fit into the space it needs to be in without the hassle of quickly removing the old pieces. If you are not sure what to do with your old furniture, have a read of our recent blog, Updating your classroom furniture? Here is what to do with your older pieces, for some ideas.

Clear the space

Making sure that you have cleared the space is important when receiving new furniture. This will allow your delivery to be quick and efficient. For example, if we are delivering storage units for your classroom, stack your tables and chairs so we can move throughout the room with ease.

Remove any hazards

Along with clearing your old furniture, and stacking any other pieces to the side, be sure that there are no potential hazards in the way, such as wires that run along the ground for example. This could cause unwanted accidents that can not only harm your great new furniture pieces, but more importantly harm the people that are delivering these pieces. Safety is always our priority when making deliveries, and it is both our and our client’s responsibility that no hazards get in the way.

At Abax Kingfisher, we are proud to provide the classroom furniture Sydney schools love. It is our mission to deliver all pieces as requested, and make our clients experience with us as satisfying as possible. We can accommodate your specific delivery requests where possible and if you do require your item to be delivered on a specific date, please specify this when making an order. For any further information, contact us on 02 8786 5600.

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