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How We Quality Test Our Products


At Abax Kingfisher, it is our mission to provide school classroom furniture that will stand the test of time. We ensure that all our products are certified, guaranteeing both safety and durability in the classroom for both the students and teachers. All our products have a 10-year warranty, showing that we believe in quality, and that if in the rare case that your piece has a defect – you will have peace of mind knowing that it will be fixed or replaced.

So, how do we quality test our products?

Our products are tested and are under specific certifications – but what does this mean? There are various certifications that ensure that our products are meet specific standards, including sustainability, environmentally friendly, and safe. The certifications that Abax Kingfisher products meet are:

BIFMA (Business and International Furniture Manufacturers Association) Compliant  

The BIFMA Compliant Is an industry-wide registry for furniture products that confirm BIFMA safety and security standards. This compliant provides consumers with clarity by differentiating products that meet these standards to products that don’t. BIFMS seeks to help all customers in making confident buying decisions. At Abax Kingfisher, we make sure that all our products meet these industry standards, giving peace of mind to our clients that they are investing in not only quality, but durability and safety also.



ISO 14001 Certification

The ISO 14001 Certification helps us identify and improve environmental performance. We use this certification as a guide to manage our environmentally friendly and sustainable focus. This certification proves that our environmental management policies and procedures comply with international standards. Through this we demonstrate that we have implemented plans to help minimise our risk to the environment.



GECA Certification

Creating healthy spaces for students is one of our main focuses here at Abax Kingfisher, and the GECA Certification allows us to standardise our process. Our products are GECA Certified, meaning that they are rigorously tested to ensure that they are safe, healthy choices for your school. All our GECA certified products have not only been assessed for their impact on their environment, but also their impact on human health as well.

By ensuring that our furniture complies with all these certifications standards, we as a manufacturer have peace of mind knowing that our clients are investing in the best of the best. It is important for us that our clients not only have a great experience with our pieces, but that they are also satisfied with our service. This is why we take a hands-on approach in making sure each and every piece is up to not only the certification standards, but up to the standards of our consumers as well.

We have been a specialist supplier for school classroom furniture for many years now. We know the needs for both teachers and students, and work hard to create the most comfortable and productive learning environments. If you are ready to take the next step in finding the finest furniture for your school classroom, contact our furniture specialists at Abax Kingfisher today!


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