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Modern Classroom Furniture: What You Need to Know!


The way students are taught in the classroom has evolved, as teachers are now taking a more active approach to learning. Due to this, we have also seen a transformation and the rise of modern school classroom furniture pieces.

It is important that you have the finest classroom furniture that will help promote your student’s ability to learn in a comfortable and safe environment.

So, without further ado, here are the must-have modern classroom furniture pieces:

Stackable Chairs and Tables

The modern-day classroom should be easily transformable depending on the nature of the lesson. Investing in stackable and lightweight classroom furniture is the best way to achieve this. Abax Kingfisher’s Kingfisher Square Stackable Tables, and Classic Classroom Chairs, are the perfect addition to your learning space.

blankTriangle Shaped Tables

Teaching in the 21st Century includes a lot of collaborative work, so it is important that you can easily move your student’s desks around the room to foster both individual and group work. Triangle shaped tables are ideal as they can easily be joined together to allow students to work collaboratively and communicate with ease.


Soft Seating

When transforming your classroom, consider investing in some soft seating, such as bean bags. These are great for reading time, and for students to engage in learning away from their desks. Create a ‘cosy corner’ in your classroom surrounded by a couple comfortable bean bags and chairs.


Ergonomic Chairs

Investing in ergonomic student classroom chairs is a must. Ergonomic furniture prevents aches and pains whilst providing your students with extra comfort whilst learning. Take a look at Abax Kingfisher’s Ariah Chair, the wide seat base allows for extra comfort, while the ribbed back has been specially designed to move with the user providing superior ergonomic support.

Abax Kingfisher is your modern education furniture suppliers that you can trust. We are dedicated to transforming school classrooms and bringing your vision to life. For more information, contact us on 1300 811 054.

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