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How to Design a Flipped Classroom

Ariah Chairs, Kingstack Tables, Roundhouse And Laptop Tables In Classroom

With the progression of technology changing the way students learn, it is important for teachers to engage in new ways of teaching to enhance student’s education.


The traditional school classroom with the teacher as the focus with individual desks facing the front is a thing of the past. Therefore, it is important to think about how to best utilise your classroom space to allow a more collaborative method.


Flipped Learning is an educational approach which allows students to move from a group learning space to an individual learning space, resulting in an interactive learning environment where the teacher guides the students as they engage in education and creativity. To allow this form of learning, it is important for teachers to understand how to best use school classroom furniture to utilise the flipped classroom concept.


Rearrange your classroom furniture

To foster a collaborative learning experience, consider rearranging your furniture. Instead of having tables in neat rows facing the front of the classroom, arrange the school classroom furniture to allow movement, group problem solving, exploration and collaboration. One way to do this is to join the desks together allowing groups of four to six per table group, this will encourage students to interact with one another when appropriate and for teachers to individualise each student’s learning experience.


Collaborative furniture for school classroom

When redesigning your flipped classroom, it is the perfect opportunity to invest in collaborative classroom furniture. Many educational furniture manufacturers create furniture that allows for greater teamwork and interaction in the classroom. Consider what kind of furniture to purchase, such as round student tables that will encourage group work, comfortable classroom seating, as well as collaborative lounges.


 Allow reconfiguration

Classrooms should allow various forms of teaching, such as a classroom with a large group facing one direction focused to the front, to a space that allows group work, and individual working spaces. It is important that these spaces can be changed with minimal work. Investing in new and innovative furniture for school classrooms will assist in making the process of transforming your classroom rapid and effortless. Purchase a range of student desks and chairs that can be easily moved to allow various teaching methods.


Enable the use of technology

A flipped classroom should be able to provide a balance between the use of digital technologies as well as traditional tools such as pens, paper, books, and whiteboards. Technology has become a vital tool for students’ education, so it is important that your flipped classroom allows easy access to whatever technologies are needed. Ensure that your classroom layout is appropriate for the use of laptops and interactive boards to allow access to interesting information.


Provide Quiet Spaces

Due to the collaborative nature that a flipped classroom encourages, the volume of the room can become higher than a standard classroom. Therefore, it is important to offer quiet spaces for students that find louder noises to be over stimulating. Many students may need a quiet space to think and process what they are learning. This could be a place positioned in the corner of the classroom, with a few seats and a desk that allows students to sit together and work in a quieter environment.  This will also offer a place for teachers to use for those who need a more one-to-one approach to learning and will foster student’s concentration.


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