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How to Creatively Use Whiteboards in Classrooms

Ariah Chairs, Oneflip Tables And Whiteboards In Classroom

As a teacher, standing in front of a whiteboard is something you do daily. While whiteboards are used to teach important lessons, they can still have positive impacts beyond the lesson criteria.


Whiteboards are a wonderful addition to your education furniture, and can be used to have fun, to spark imagination and to inspire students.


Here are some of the most effective ways to make lessons more dynamic by using your whiteboards more creatively:


Role Reversal

Rather than standing in front of the board yourself the entire lesson, consider having your students take turns in acting as note takers. This can be beneficial as it creates a livelier and more energetic classroom environment as your students will be able to retain information more efficiently. Role reversal will also aid in boosting the student’s confidence and collaboration skills.



Whiteboards do not have to strictly be used for teaching. Occasionally, it is important to break up a lesson into sections to include fun activities to bring joy and positive energy back into the classroom. There are multiple games that can be played using a whiteboard, including drawing races, hangman, checkers and more! Games are a wonderful way to engage younger students with more challenging subjects.



A unique way to incorporate other media into a whiteboard presentation is to use a projector. You can focus the projector on all, or just part of the whiteboard, which allows plenty of opportunity to create exciting media presentations, and display a combination of notes, videos, and images within your lessons. Make sure to use a projection whiteboard to maintain a clear view for students.


Small Individual Whiteboards

Utilising individual whiteboard tablets is a perfect way to enhance group learning. They can be passed around the class for collaborative writing and used as discussion aids during debates or language learnings.  Using multiple individual whiteboards can also be employed for group activities and games, making them another great tool to help boost student’s confidence.


For more information on how to creatively use whiteboards in the classroom, contact Abax Kingfisher, Australia’s trusted education furniture suppliers, on 1300 300 369.






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