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Classroom Decoration Ideas for Primary School

Abax Kingfisher Furniture In Breakout Classroom Areas With Pinboards


Did you know that a child’s classroom environment can have just as much effect as the lessons given by their teachers?


The school classroom is where children do majority of their learning, therefore it is important that teachers make the classroom as inviting and appealing for their students as possible. At Abax Kingfisher we are dedicated to supplying the highest quality classroom furniture Australia can offer to create a comfortable and exciting classroom environment.


Teachers often decorate based on the classroom aesthetic they desire but might overlook ways in which the decorations can be resourceful. It is important that your classroom decorations promote learning, the more students are exposed to positive learning spaces, the higher their potential for success.


Here are some helpful ideas:


Create a Calm and Welcoming Environment

First and foremost, it is important that your school classroom fosters good airflow and natural lighting. Avoid heavy curtains and covering up the windows with displays to allow the flow of natural light into the classroom. Consider adding indoor plants to make the classroom feel fresh, these also are a wonderful way to get students involved in looking after their own learning environment by taking turns to water the plants.


Creative Learning Boards and Displays

Instantly brighten up the classroom by using creative learning boards and charts and use these to engage students in interactive discussions. Children tend to pick things up from their surroundings, so make sure that you fill your walls with quotes that will inspire children to work hard, or even put some fun math problems up on the wall too. Make sure that you also display students more creative work such as art pieces in the classroom, this encourages their creative side as they take pride in their work.


Add a Cosy Reading Corner

Adding a reading corner is a fantastic idea for a primary classroom. This can be the space where you can gather your students for story time and or for them to engage in books for individual quiet reading. Make sure you decorate your reading corner, add some colourful cushions or beanbags to create a comfortable reading space.


Organise the Clutter
In any school classroom there are a lot of resources and equipment being used, so it is vital to have a good storage system to keep the classroom tidy and to avoid clutter. Consider colourful book boxes, and book storage tubs to liven up the space and keep your classroom organised. Abax Kingfisher have a wide range of classroom furniture Sydney schools trust, including high quality classroom storage.


For more ideas on how to liven up your primary school classroom, and the most innovative school furniture Australia can provide, contact Abax Kingfisher on 1300 300 369.






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