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Classroom Decoration Ideas for High School

Ariah Stools, Avay Bar Leaners And Roundhouse With Bench In Classroom


When educating high school students, creating the right classroom environment is vital. Consider what decorations you will have on the walls, the colour scheme of the classroom and the way that your classroom furniture is arranged; this all contributes to the way students learn.


At Abax Kingfisher we are dedicated to creating the most innovative classroom furniture Sydney high schools can use to create a wonderful learning space.


Choosing the right decorations and school furniture can make a great difference in high school students learning and development. Here are a few options to consider:


Classroom Furniture and Layout

Before decorating your classroom walls, consider how you will utilise your classroom furniture to support your daily teachings. Think about how you want to arrange your desks, you must consider if your students be sitting in groups to foster collaborative learning experiences or on individual tables. At Abax Kingfisher, our mission is to create the highest quality and innovative school furniture Sydney can offer, that will liven up your classroom.


Display Student Work

Using your students work as classroom decorations offers a sense of accomplishment as students can take pride in their projects. Consider the subject that is predominately taught in that classroom, for example you can display any exceptional artwork that students created during Visual Arts, or wonderful pieces of writing written during English.


Interactive Decorations

It is crucial that teaching methods are interactive, therefore your classroom decorations should be too. Consider ways you can utilise the displays instead of simply reading them. For example, try using decorations that allow students to rearrange pictures and words, write messages or solve problems. Keep in mind that these displays should be used to reinforce what the students are learning, so make sure that you update them regularly so that they can continue to make a positive impact on your students’ education.


Organise the Clutter

High school students have already developed organisational skills; therefore, it is easier to ensure that your classroom is always kept neat and tidy. To foster this, make sure that you have the best storage solutions put into place. Consider the B-Series Classroom Storage, where you can easily store any books or resources for students to access during class.


For more ideas on how to liven up and decorate your high school classroom, and information on the best quality classroom furniture Australia can provide, contact Abax Kingfisher on 1300 300 369.





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