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Choosing the Right Furniture Materials for Your Space

Ariah Chairs, Paired With Writable Top Tables In Classroom

When deciding on purchasing new school furniture to liven up your classroom or other  spaces, it is important to consider which materials are most appropriate for the environment and intended use. In a successful classroom environment, the furniture needs to be mobile, adaptable, flexible, and ergonomic.


At Abax Kingfisher we are dedicated to assisting our customers in making the right decision regarding their school furniture, here are a few aspects you must consider:


Outdoor Furniture


If the furniture is for outdoors, the tables need a weather resistant top and base, regardless of if they will be covered overnight. Suitable weather resistant materials include polypropylene, mod wood, aluminium, and stainless steel. When deciding on colours, opt for lighter shades as darker colours will fade more easily in sunlight.



Consequently, think about choosing furniture that is easy to move, such as aluminium stackable outdoor benches, which are very light and ideal for temporary outdoor seating. Stackable furniture is very versatile, easy to move, and store. For a more permanent approach to outdoor seating, items constructed from UV resistant recyclable plastics, such as coral seating, that are a durable alternative and uniquely double as a great feature in many outdoor spaces.


Indoor Furniture


For project-based learning, it is important that student desks or tables are capable of being arranged into compact pods to accommodate six to eight students to foster group work and collaboration. Consider opting for tables with a writable whiteboard top, to provide students a place to write down ideas during problem solving sessions.



Traditional, single-function school furniture is slowly becoming a thing of the past. In today’s classroom students are standing, sitting on stools, rolling on chairs, and utilizing casual lounging to collaborate. Thus, it is important to choose durable materials. Consider classic classroom chairs or ariah chairs made from durable polypropylene material, these chairs come in a range of sizes and colours in order to suit your classroom aesthetic and needs. When deciding on soft furniture for the classroom, opt for faux-leather or vinyl materials, as they come with an anti-stain finish and can easily be wiped down.


For further information on the most suitable school furniture Sydney schools can trust, contact Abax Kingfisher, the finest school furniture NSW suppliers, on 1300 300 369.




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