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Can Bean Bags Benefit Your Education Space?

Evolution Sofa Bean Bags In School Library With Joshua Library Shelving

Gone are the days of traditional chairs and desks, schools are now opting for alternative methods to liven up the classroom to create more welcoming and comfortable learning spaces. 


Bean bags have now become an important addition to education furniture. They are a flexible seating option for the classroom that both students and teachers can enjoy.  


The benefits of bean bags 


Here are some of the most effective ways in which bean bags can benefit the classroom environment:  


Comfort and Relaxation: 

Bean bags offer comfort for students, for example during class reading, the use of bean bags help improve student’s concentration and elongates their time spent reading due to the relaxing nature of the soft seating.  


Improving Literacy: 

Teachers can use bean bag furniture as a motivational tool to encourage engagement with books or to reward positive student behaviour. Classrooms equipped with ergonomic high-backed bean bags improve both comfort levels and time spent engaging in books.  


Creating ‘Pop up’ Learning Spaces: 

Due to the mobility of bean bags, teachers can utilise them to create alternative learning spaces with comfortable seating anywhere within or outside of the classroom.  


Safe and Sensory: 

Bean bags have been dubbed as a useful tool for offering a calming, safe, and sensory learning environment that all students can benefit from. 


Encouraging Teamwork: 

Being provided with the comfort and freedom that bean bags offer can encourage young students to work together by surrounding themselves with the help and support from fellow classmates.  


Ultimately, bean bags make learning overall more fun and enjoyable, thus achieving better results for both students and teachers.  


For further information on which bean bags are best suited for your learning space, contact Abax Kingfisher, Australia’s finest education furniture suppliers, on 1300 300 369. 






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