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5 Zones You Can Create in Your Library Right Now

3D Library Design With Furniture And Library Shelving

Customizing your library has never been easier. There are so many options to create different zones for your students to work in, and you must take the time necessary to find the best library furniture for each zone. Here are 5 zones that will help make your library a place where students want to come and learn!


Library shelving in a high school library


Zone 1 – Quiet zone for studying and reading

The first zone is the quiet area, where there could be no talking whatsoever. This can include phones being silenced and students not even whispering in this space.

There are a lot of different options for creating the perfect zone for reading and studying. You may want to invest in some soft, cozy library furniture like sofas or armchairs. These can make your library feel inviting and warm–the perfect spot to curl up with a good book!

Another option is comfortable desk seating that allows students to sit in an ergonomic position while they study.

A final option is to create a reading nook or zone by building shelving that includes cozy furniture such as beanbags and crashmats.

If you want to keep the space feeling open, create a sitting area with lots of beanbags or crash-mats and blankets–perfect for curling up when your students are reading or studying!

Acoustic panelling in these zones can be a great addition to keep the noise in these spaces to a minimum. Acoustic panelling is also a great visual feature that can create a focal point within your Quiet zone.


booth seating and library shelves in library


Zone 2: The Conversation Zone

Zone 2 is for small groups of two or three people to talk, read, or work on projects together. This zone also can be nice as a secondary reading/study area and could be located near computers. It’s meant for collaboration in a more quiet and focused setting, often with natural lighting from windows (where possible). This could be used by students to collaborate on projects or discuss homework before heading into the other zones of the library that are louder and more active.

This zone is very beneficial for a library setting because it promotes sharing and collaborative work. It also helps the library become more active by having people gathering or sitting in the zone. It transforms the library from an individual experience into a collaborative community experience.

Library furniture that can be used in this zone:

  • Small to medium-sized round tables that allow for 2 – 3 people to work collaboratively – like this one here.
  • Medium-sized rectangular tables like the Avay or Oneflip tilt table (1500mmL x 750mm is a perfect size for this zone)
  • Standing height benches like this one (again, 1500 x 750 is a perfect size)
  • A combination of seating styles that work with the style of your space – check out a huge range of seating here


collaborative zones divided by library shelves in a library

Zone 3 – Meeting zone

Zone 3 is for large group meetings, lectures or presentations. It’s a good location in the library and it’s recommended to place this zone near the main entrance and exit so people can enter/exit without getting in the way of those who are studying or working inside the quieter zones of the library.

Zone 3 is also great because it fosters a community feel and promotes interactions between different types of groups like students, teachers and librarians.

To help reduce noise travelling from this area you can use library shelving with acoustic backing and end panels. Not only is this an innovative way to dampen sound travel within libraries but it looks great too.

This zone is normally the most active in the library and should have a lot of seating to accommodate that. Tables, benches, or standing height benches are all good options for this area.

Zone 4 – Activity zone

Zone 4 is a really great zone to have in your library because it encourages your library to be utilised for so much more than reading and study. It can help create a great social atmosphere.

This is where you can have board games, puzzles, arts and crafts supplies available to use within the library. Depending on your collection you could even put library shelving in this area with topics based on the activities you have in your collection.

Having such activities available in a public place helps promote creativity for kids and adults alike, while also attracting people who may not visit libraries very often.


3D design of a library with furniture and library shelving


Zone 5 – Library staff area

Zone 5 is an absolute MUST in your library. It’s where you can work and take care of the day-to-day things that need doing (ordering, inventory, maintaining).

Sometimes this area can be left out of library upgrades as it is seen to be less important than making sure the rest of the library is perfect.

Creating a comfortable and efficient work zone for the staff in your library is essential and can be achieved quite easily with high benches for organising and maintaining the collection, comfortable task chairs and desks. It can also be beneficial to have a few bays of library shelving within the staff area for storing books.


double sided library shelving with books


Zone 6: Library Shelving

Obviously, a library is not complete without library shelving.

The right library shelves can make all the difference to your space. It’s important to consider the different types of shelving available and determine what library shelves to use in each space.

There are multiple styles of library shelving available and each one has its own key benefits – you can check out Abax Kingfisher’s library shelving range here.

Contact Abax Kingfisher today to discuss the different types of library shelves available.

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