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Why should classroom furniture be movable?


A successful classroom is dynamic and every changing, and typically combines a variety of learning and teaching styles. Students often need time to learn independently as well as through collaboration, teamwork, and group problem solving. Versatility makes providing students with quality education possible, and movable classroom furniture supports the changing needs for group and individual learning experiences.

At Abax Kingfisher, we understand that the right furniture makes teaching and learning more seamless and rewarding. This is why we supply a range of mobile, lightweight, and stackable furniture that is ideal for classroom spaces that need to be changed at an instant.

Here are a few reasons why your classroom furniture should be movable:


To spur creativity and stimulate new ideas

By moving your classroom furniture, and mixing up student groups, you will foster creativity. Different working groups and teams stimulate students in new ways as the collaborate and bounce ideas around. Mobile classroom furniture such as chairs, tables, and whiteboards make leaning portable.

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Creates energy, excitement, and enthusiasm

Movable furniture helps get intellectual and physical circulation going. If students start to lose energy during lessons, moving or regrouping them can give them a boost and helps them to refocus on the task at hand.



Encourages social skill building

In early education, good social skills in an important characteristic to develop, especially when they are just starting out. In fact, when students of any age ae faced with a new subject, they can benefit from renewed socialisation opportunities students can build emotional intelligence and communication skills within the classroom, and this can be highly supported by classroom furniture that moves with them.

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Enables flexible class size

Quite often you will have people visiting the classroom, whether it is a speaker, observers touring your school, or if another class joins yours. Mobile furniture allows you to accommodate for the extra guests or students comfortably. Investing in mobile and stackable furniture allows you to store your extra pieces neatly and conveniently away.

classroom furniture australia


How does furniture affect learning?

Mobile classroom furniture facilitates the learning process and makes individual and collaborative work more comfortable and natural. Proper classroom furniture supports the teacher as they work to create a well-rounded, innovative classroom space.

classroom furniture australia

At Abax Kingfisher, we understand that the ‘traditional classroom’ is a thing of the past now, as more schools are opting for furniture that is lightweight and moveable to be able to transform the classroom depending on the nature of the lesson.

We supply the finest classroom furniture Australia can offer. If you are unsure where to begin, and need assistance in bringing your vision to life, contact us today on 1300 811 054 and speak to one of our friendly consultants.

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