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Benefits of Incorporating Movement into the Classroom


Benefits of Incorporating Movement into the Classroom


Students of all ages can benefit from moving more during the school day, and there are many moments when you can incorporate movement within the classroom. From dancing, going for walks, doing some stretches, and running in place. However, it is important that your school classroom is able to transform into a space easily that fosters movement and other fun activities. At Abax Kingfisher, we supply a range of mobile, lightweight, and stackable furniture that is ideal for classroom spaces that need to be changed at an instant.


Getting your students up and moving are found to provide great benefits, including:

  • Better focus: Providing students with opportunities to move throughout the day can increase their ability to focus for certain amounts of time.
  • Better health: As students move into their teen years, they tend to move less and less. Kids who get to move more during the day tend to be healthier, with their minds are clearer, hearts are stronger, and they can focus better.
  • Happier students: Movement boosts mood, reduces stress, and helps students feel happier at school

Classroom furniture that fosters movement

As mentioned, incorporating the right furniture pieces in the classroom is important if you want to foster movement within your lessons. At Abax Kingfisher, we have a variety of pieces perfect to for spaces to be transformed into one that allows for physical activities, including:

Mobile Student Tables

When choosing tables for a classroom, opt for a design that is mobile and can be stored easily. Take a look at our Como Flip Top Table, for example, The table tops flip up and roll away on castors to nest together when no longer needed. This instantly transforms your classroom and offers opportunities for a variety of teaching formats.



Stackable Chairs

Ensuring your classroom chairs are lightweight and stackable is a must when incorporating movement into the classroom. The Classic Classroom Chair makes a great addition to your classroom as it offers superior comfort, style, durability, and function for classrooms and breakout spaces. The stackability of the Classic Classroom Chair is a factor that makes them an invaluable addition to your space.


We understand that the ‘traditional classroom’ is a thing of the past now, as more and more schools are opting for furniture that is easily mobile and lightweight to be able to transform the classroom depending on the nature of the lesson.

At Abax Kingfisher, we supply the finest classroom furniture Australia can offer. If you are unsure where to begin, and need assistance in bringing your vision to life, contact us today on 1300 811 054 and speak to one of our friendly consultants.

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