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What classroom furniture is best suited for collaborative learning?


In the 21st Century, schools are now moving away from the traditional ways of learning and are taking a more collaborative approach. It is important that you have the right school classroom furniture to make collaborative learning easier.

At Abax Kingfisher, we want to make collaborative learning simpler for you, therefore we have curated a list of the best furniture pieces that promote teamwork:

Stackable Desks and Chairs

Investing in lightweight and stackable desks and chairs allows teachers and students to transform the classroom with ease depending on the nature of the lesson. Stackable furniture allows you to easily store pieces when they aren’t in use, or easily move the tables into small groups for collaborative class projects.


White Board Desks

Furniture has become more innovative, and this includes desks with a writable top. This allows students to brainstorm and work as a team by writing down their thoughts on the top of their table. This not only promotes teamwork and creativity, but also helps reduce waste as you can easily wipe down the tabletop.

blankSoft Seating

Creating a cosy corner in your classroom with soft seating including beanbags can promote a relaxed collaborative experience. For primary classrooms, this becomes a place where young students can read together in small groups, or where you can gather your whole class for story time.


Furniture with Casters

Tables and chairs with casters allow students to easily reconfigure the room. They also allow students to easily move around the classroom to interact with their peers. Take a look at Abax Kingfisher’s Ariah Mobile Chair, not only does it have casters, but it is also stackable, making it the perfect addition to your collaborative classroom.

At Abax Kingfisher, we are devoted to providing schools with the finest student tables and student chairs Australia can offer. Let us help you design your collaborative learning space, call 1300 811 054 for more information.

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