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What are the best library shelving designs?


The essence of the library truly is the books on the library shelves. Finding the best shelves for your space comes down to their design. It is vital that you invest in shelves that offer durability and easy access to all resources.

At Abax Kingfisher, we supply a wide range of shelving units perfect for your library space. Here are a few of the finest library shelving designs we offer:

Kingfisher Duo Shelving

The Kingfisher Duo Shelving combines the best features of metal and melamine. It provides excellent storage solutions for all shapes, sizes, and types of books, magazines, and media in your library collection. The modern design and straight lines ensure that the shelving looks great in any setting. And for added versatility and mobility, the double-sided shelving can be fitted with optional castors.




Kingfisher Joshua Melamine Shelving

The Joshua Melamine Shelving has a range of shapes and sizes to suit any library space. There are curved and straight options available, all Joshua Shelving is doubled sided and mobile. The curved option is ideal for creating focal points within any library. The curved shelves provide an aesthetically pleasing alternative to the normally straight lines featured in other shelving systems. The straight Joshua Library Shelving is best for creating storage solutions and space planning.

blankKingfisher Library Shelving

For a more customisable or flexible design, the Kingfisher Library Shelving is ideal for spaces that you often transform. Offering the largest range of heights and widths in Australia with steel library shelves capable of holding over 50kgs each. Our shelving is designed with flexibility and longevity in mind. It comes in single-sided, double-sided, and wall-mounted variations, with the option of adding castors to the double-sided bays to create mobile bookshelves.




Cube Display System

The Cube Display System was devised to make full use of unsightly columns. You can utilise the cube display system to turn columns it into a feature within your library. The unit comes standard with slat inserts, flat shelves and sloping shelves.

At Abax Kingfisher, we are devoted to helping our clients in creating the finest library spaces. Contact us on 1300 811 054 and talk to us about how we can bring your vision alive.



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