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How To Implement Successful Storage In The Classroom

Classroom organisation is about being effective and efficient for both you and your students. By maintaining the management of a classroom, teachers and students can allow classes to run smoothly. Implementing the right storage solutions will help you stay organised as a teacher.

It is often underestimated how much of an impact the layout and design of a classroom can have on students, but unorganised environments can lead to distraction and discomfort. A classroom where all items have a place is not only more aesthetically pleasing, but it can help store everything where they belong, ultimately increasing efficiency as there wont be time wasted looking for items.

Classroom storage units are vital for presentation and productivity. They can maximise space, time management and functionality. At Abax Kingfisher, we are dedicated to helping our clients get the most out of their classroom space. So, we have created a list of tips on how to implement successful storage in the classroom:

Create a Teacher’s Wall

Creating a teacher’s wall is the perfect way to make the most out of your classroom space. Teacher walls usually include a range of shelves, cabinets, and openings. Mount our Teacher’s Walls and utilise them for your classroom supplies. You can even use this as a feature in the front of your classroom around your interactive whiteboard or projector. Teacher walls at the front of the classroom help increase focus and reduce distraction, as all your supplies will be easily accessible.

Use Colourful Book Boxes

Our book box range is a great way to liven up a classroom space. You can utilise these to store various books for different subjects and colour code them, for example, blue for English, red for Maths etc. At Abax Kingfisher, our book box range is durable, and comes in a large range of colours, meaning you can pick and choose to suit your classroom aesthetic.

Tray Storage

Tray storage is used to make the most out of your available classroom space and can be used in different ways. By colour coordinating different drawers you can designate them depending on individual requirements and labels can be used to clearly identify what the tray should be used for. In the classroom, each tray can be personalised for a student to keep their own books and stationary packed away neatly.

Numeracy Centre

At Abax Kingfisher, our mobile and heavy-duty Numeracy Centre is ideal for organising your lesson resources. With nine single trays and six double depth clear trays you can keep your subject materials differentiated and visible. The transparency of these trays makes it easier for students and teachers alike to see what is in each tray without having to rummage through it.

Bag Storage

If you don’t have a designated section in your classroom for student bags, your space can become cluttered, and the bags can become a hazard on the floor. To avoid students tripping over their bags, implement a bag storage solution, such as our King Bag and Tote Storage, which is designed to create flexible storage for student backpacks and tote trays.

At Abax Kingfisher, your trusted furniture for school classroom suppliers, it is our mission to help our clients create classrooms that are organised which will overall improve the learning experience. For more information contact us on 1300 811 053.

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