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How to foster creativity in the classroom?


As a teacher, it is up to you to create a classroom space that fosters creativity. The approach may vary depending on whether you are teaching primary or high school students. Either way, we have rounded up ideas to help get you get your student’s creative juices flowing:

1. Implement a flexible classroom layout

Students can work in many different ways, from group work to individual assignments, watching presentations and more. Therefore, it is vital to create collaborative learning layouts to keep the creativity flowing between various activities. Rather than lining up desks, create pods, a U-shaped layout, or separate group tables where students can work collaboratively. Invest in lightweight and stackable tables and chairs to make it easier to transform the classroom.


2. Display Inspirational Quotes

Displaying inspirational quotes in your classroom can open up great conversations and creative thinking. Encourage your class to consider and discuss the meaning of each message and how it can be applied. Some quotes will directly encourage students to think creatively. Check out these 30 inspirational quotes for students.

3. Take your class outdoors

If the weather is nice, take your class outside. Choose active activities that you can’t do indoors. The fresh air and sunshine will promote creativity. At Abax Kingfisher, we have a range of outdoor seating that will provide comfort to your student while being taught outside.blank

4. Encourage more colour

Colour in your learning space can add a lot of value. Encourage your students to colour-coordinate their school subjects and use colour when taking notes and studying. Add colour around your classroom as well with bright posters or a feature wall.blank

5. Display student work

Displaying student’s achievements will assist them in striving to be more creative. They will be proud of their work, and it will encourage them to continue to work hard during their learning. Student’s artwork being displayed also adds more colour and livens up the classroom.


At Abax Kingfisher, we are dedicated to bringing our clients’ classrooms vision alive. If you are searching for the finest education furniture Australia can provide, contact us today on 1300 811 054.

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