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Different Ways You Can Use the Roundhouse Lounges


Are you thinking of investing in Abax Kingfisher Roundhouse lounges but want to know how to use them at their full potential? Well, you have come to the right place. Our Roundhouse range is designed to draw focus, using gentle curves, a low back, and upholstered in two-tone fabrics to help it stand out in a space. Our clients have used our Roundhouse Lounges in many different ways in both school and library environments.

The lounges come in three different designs, the classic roundhouse, the roundhouse with a bookcase, and the roundhouse with a bench, and can be used many different ways. Here’s how:

Collaborative Classroom Seating

The Roundhouse with a Bench is the perfect addition to a collaborative classroom. A good classroom arrangement allows students to learn from each other through collaborative activities. Investing in the Roundhouse with a Bench allows you to set up the classroom as a panel, which can help students collaborate with each other and the teacher. The Roundhouse with a Bench also provides various forms of seating, you can utilise the bench during lessons when students need to focus, and the soft seating for a more relaxed learning environment such as reading time.



Combining Library Shelving and Seating

The Roundhouse with a Bookcase is ideal for the library. You can place the lounge in a common library space and fill it with all the resources students need to learn. We recommended filling the bookcase with books so students can easily access them and then sit on the comfortable couch, relax, and read with their peers. This lounge comes in various shapes, sizes, and colours, so you can customise it to suit your library’s aesthetics.



Cosy Reading Corner in the Classroom

The Roundhouse with a Bookcase is also ideal to help create a cosy reading corner is your school classroom. For older years, you can fill the shelves with the books that are part of the curriculum, and for the younger grade students, add age-appropriate books that you can read as a class. Having a comfortable reading corner will also foster a relaxed classroom environment as well as collaboration.



Teachers’ Lounge

Teachers are an integral part of the school, and they deserve all the comfort and luxuries that students receive. Adding the classic Roundhouse in staffrooms will offer teachers ample space to sit and relax during their breaks, as well as a comfortable space to collaborate with their colleagues. You can customise the design and size to make sure that it fits well in any space.

At Abax Kingfisher, we supply education furniture Australia has come to know and love. It is important to us that you get the most out of the items that you invest in. For more information regarding our Roundhouse range, contact us today.

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