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5 ways to upgrade your classroom design


Schools have been moving away from traditional classroom layouts and are adopting class designs that are more conductive to learning. Teachers now focus more on collaborative and personalised learning, so the learning environment needs to change its focus too.
So, without further ado, here are five ways to upgrade your classroom design:

Get Your Students Involved

Your classroom should be tailored to the student’s needs; therefore, you should seek their opinion on what they feel needs to change. Try a few different classroom layouts and see which works best for students’ comfort and concentration.





Create Spaces for Collaboration

In 21st Century classrooms, providing room for collaboration is a must in order for students to easily communicate and work in groups. Consider investing in classroom furniture that fosters collaboration, such as Abax Kingfisher’s Clover Table, which allows up to four students to work together on the same desk.




Create a Theme

Having a set theme and colour pallet in your classroom can transform your learning space. Avoid having too many colours in your classroom and choose a set of three primary colours to make up the theme of your room. Choosing one neutral colour and two accent colours will allow students to focus better and learn in a calm and comfortable environment.


Utilise Storage

Every classroom needs optimal storage space. Implementing the right storage in the classroom will not only make the room look better, but it will help teachers and students in keeping the room neat and organised. Consider classroom storage options with multiple shelves that can be easily placed against a wall.



Update Your Classroom Furniture

If your current classroom furniture is no longer serving its purpose, consider an update. At Abax Kingfisher we supply the finest range of classroom furniture Australia can offer, and we can help you bring your whole classroom fit-out vision alive.

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