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3 Things to Consider When Buying New Furniture for Your Classroom


Purchasing new furniture for your classroom may not seem like an important task, however, did you know that the type of furniture you do invest in can have a profound effect on the learning outcomes of your students? This is because when you provide your students with a better learning environment, it encourages them to apply themselves better to their schoolwork.

With this in mind, we have created a list of three things you should consider when purchasing your new educational furniture:

Learning Zones

First and foremost, you must consider the amount of space you have in your classroom, and how to make use of every inch of your space in an efficient way. Consider how the furniture will be used. Will the tables and chairs be moved around the classroom to foster both individual learning and collaboration? If this is the case consider investing in stackable furniture, Abax Kingfisher’s Kingstack Table allows for a comfortable work area for individual study and makes it a breeze to create a collaborative work platform.

blankComfort and Safety

Comfort and safety should be of utmost importance when choosing your classroom furniture. Ensure that your furniture provides the right comfort for your students, tables should not be too big or too small, and chairs should not be too high or too low. Choose furniture that provides ample space and support so that your students can work comfortably. It is also important that the tables and chairs are also durable enough to accommodate the student’s weight, therefore consider the materials used in making the furniture, as well as the design.


Prior to making a purchase, know how much you can spend on the classroom furniture. Never compromise the quality of the classroom furniture pieces over a small budget. Look for an educational furniture supplier that can furnish your school with high-quality furniture at a reasonable cost.

Here at Abax Kingfisher, we are dedicated to providing the finest and most durable education furniture Australia can offer, at a reasonable price. For more information contact us on 1300 300 369.

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