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Which is better: desks with fixed or adjustable height?


Ergonomic furniture is going to be a major focus for employers and educators alike into the future. The reason is two-fold: in a workplace or school environment, implementing ergonomic solutions can make employees or students more comfortable and increase productivity. Furthermore, it can help protect the health of the people that you’re responsible for, preventing injuries and long-term health concerns.

One of the popular ergonomic solutions at the moment is to replace the fixed tables in your environment with height-adjustable desks.

Here are some reasons that height adjustable desks are more than just hype, and should be the new addition to your office or school furniture:

Reduces Back Pain

Backaches and pains are common complaints among office workers and young students. Lower back pain is related to stress – both physical and psychological. Studies have displayed employees that suffer from chronic back pain benefit greatly from standing desks.

blankImproves Well-Being

In another study regarding height-adjustable desks, users were said to have experienced less stress and fatigue than those who worked seated every day. The results revealed that 87 percent of those who were asked to use standing desks said that they felt more energetic overall.

Increase Productivity Levels

Whether you are using height-adjustable desks to ensure the table is at a comfortable height for seated work, or if you are alternating between standing and sitting, you will see a significant impact on your ability to perform tasks.

Staying still in one position can cause brain function to slow down, which causes a decrease in productivity over time. But alternating between sitting and standing your body’s largest muscle groups start working, which increases blood flow to the brain. Investing in height adjustable desks will increase yours and others productivity due to high comfort levels.


The Perfect Height

In the 21st Century, workplace and classroom design has an increased focus on creating spaces that provide staff and students with flexibility over how and where they desire to work. Height-adjustable tables offer workers the freedom to adjust their workspace during the day to suit their needs and preferences.

When changing from fixed desks to height-adjustable desks, it is important to provide your students or employees with direction on how to use them to their advantage.

We understand that transforming your workspace or school classrooms are huge investment, at Abax Kingfisher we are devoted to providing our clients with the correct guidance on the finest office or school furniture Sydney can provide. Contact Abax Kingfisher on 1300 811 054 to discuss your vision with us.

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