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What makes a great office table?

Office Desks With Fabric Privacy Screens And Mobile Caddy's In Office Space

There are many factors which go into choosing an office table. Here are some considerations to make before picking out the right one for you.


The humble office desk doesn’t get its praises sung nearly enough, for something that’s such a fixture in our daily lives. It’s a piece of furniture we’ll spend hundreds if not thousands of hours sitting at, so why not make a good investment and opt for something functional, comfortable and long-lasting? From our perspective as the suppliers of the best office tables NSW has to offer, here are our top considerations for what makes for an excellent office table.


1. Functionality


A good office table will have all the necessary affordances an employee needs, so they are not constantly distracted. A good table should have the necessary storage for stationery, documents and folders. Desks built for computer use should have enough space for the monitor and tower, with convenient holes to run cords through, avoiding tangles. Meanwhile, tables built for hotdesking tend to have above desk power points which are easy to connect to, so there’s no crawling under desks in search of an empty port.


2. Shape & Space


The shape of the table also strongly affects the type of work outcomes available. Most office tables Sydney based companies prefer tend to be single-person use, and in these cases it’s good to have a limited amount of space to prevent clutter. Corporations looking to adopt a more open floorplan may instead opt for larger tables shared between employees, looking for furniture that can flexibly serve as both a personal hub and meeting space. C-suite offices may also benefit from larger or L-shaped tables, so that they can quickly pivot across different projects easily.


3. Ergonomics


For the amount of time workers are expected to be at their desks, you would hope that each person finds a piece of furniture which is genuinely comfortable to stay at. Desks should be at the right height, but erring low might be a better choice, since a desk which is too tall will place greater strain on the user’s arms and wrists. It’s also useful to consider legroom and clearance for office chairs with armrests. A desk which does not invite discomfort or fidgeting will ultimately result in a better outlook on work.


4. Reliability & Cost


The materials used to construct the office table should also factor into a purchase decision. Most office tables NSW businesses provide are made from either wood, metal or a wood core with a laminate exterior. Wood and metal tend to make for durable and long-lasting tables, but also much harder and heavier, which may be more uncomfortable over time. Tables with laminate exteriors are usually cheaper, but the finish resists stains and scratches, making them a better option for workers tasked with hands-on duties in addition to computer work.


5. Aesthetics


Lastly, it is useful to consider how the furniture will look and feel in an office setting. The current trend across office tables Sydney based businesses prefer has been a clean, minimalistic look. That being said, a grey, dreary table (or worse, one with scuffs and scratches all over) communicates an apathetic attitude to work, and even the smallest grievances can add up over time. Supplying an office space with modern, well-designed furniture can reinvigorate the space and drum up excitement for an upcoming projects.



As a leading supplier of the best office tables Sydney has to offer, we are always considering how our furniture might be of best service to the contemporary Australian office environment. We recognise that people spend a large portion of their time in the office, so even small details and factors might have a large long-term effect on a team. Make sure to consider these factors well when making your next office furniture purchase.



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