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Upgrade your classroom in 2023


With the new year on the horizon, it is time to start thinking about ways to update your school classroom for the new school year. At Abax Kingfisher, we work with our clients year on year to create classrooms that both students and teachers will love, enhancing the space to provide a better learning experience.

If you are looking to upgrade your classroom in 2023, keep reading as we will explore different ways to transform your classroom space.

Analyse your space

First and foremost, you must analyse and understand the role of every piece of furniture and your classroom space. You can rearrange your classroom furniture to help students learn more effectively. For example, creating a collaborative and flexible classroom space by rearranging the classroom furniture into small groups has been shown to improve students learning and communication skills. To do this, opt for flexible and mobile furniture designs, such as stackable chairs and tables with casters.



Remove clutter

If you wish you create more space in your classroom you will need to remove all unnecessary pieces first. With fewer items to deal with, you will have an easier time cleaning up after class, and ultimately your room will look better. If you have a lot of bits and pieces that do not have a place in the classroom, consider investing in storage and shelving options to help you better organise your space. Take a look at our Abax Kingfisher Spacemaker Melamine Storage and Cabinets for example.

furniture for school classroom


Add colour

Imagine you are a student, walking into your school classroom on the first day of the school year; you would want to be met with vibrant and exciting colours. Be sure to decorate your space with colour, you can do this by decorating the room with artwork, inspiring quotes, and pictures. You can also opt for colourful classroom furniture; at Abax Kingfisher, many of our staple pieces come in a wide-range of colour options to suit the aesthetic of your space.

furniture for school classroom


Bring in more natural light

Make your classroom a better learning space by bringing in more natural light. Not only does natural light reduce the cost of electricity in the school buildings, but it is also beneficial to students vision and perception, and contributes to their health, comfort and productivity.

furniture for school classroom


Update your classroom furniture

If your current classroom furniture is outdated, and no longer serving its purpose, consider an update. At Abax Kingfisher, we supply the finest furniture for school classroom spaces, and we can help you bring your whole classroom fit-out vision to life, from desk, chairs to bespoke storage solutions.

furniture for school classroom


Consult your students

Your students are often filled with creative ideas, so be sure to consult with them to understand what they want to change – after all, with all the time they spend in a classroom, they are experts in the subject.

If you are looking to upgrade your classroom in 2023, contact your trusted furniture consultants at Abax Kingfisher on 1300 811 054. We can help you bring your 2023 classroom vision to life.

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