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Top 5 Student Chair Designs for Comfort and Ergonomics in Australian Classrooms

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Top 5 Student Chair Designs for Comfort and Ergonomics in Australian Classrooms

Students can spend a significant portion of their day sitting in classrooms. It is essential to have a comfortable and ergonomic chair that supports posture and promotes our well-being. In this post we will showcase five of our most popular student chairs in Australia.

Ariah 4 Leg Chair

The Ariah 4 Leg chair is one of the most popular chairs we provide. Its classic design, durability, and the option to stack and store makes it an ideal choice.

However, the Ariah Chair range also excels as an ergonomic solution to classroom seating. Its unique ‘flex back’ system allows for maximum lumbar support and comfort. The chairs’ flexibility and mobility promote active sitting, which helps students engage in class and reduces restlessness.

The Ariah 4 Leg Chair also comes in a range of seat colours, meaning that you can find a colour that suits your environment.

The Ariah Chair also comes in a range of other styles, like the Sled Base and Reverse Cantilever variants.




Classic Classroom Chair

The Classic Classroom Chair is a durable and environmentally friendly chair with a fully moulded polypropylene seat and frame.

The chair is designed for all-day classroom use and has features such as a scooped seat base, open back design, and superior lumbar support. It is lightweight, robust, and easy to manoeuvre and pack away.



Ariah Mobile & Gas Lift Chair

The Ariah Mobile and Gas Lift Chairs are perfect additions to environments that require students to be able to relocate easily and quickly.

These chairs have the same fantastic ergonomic features as the Ariah 4 Leg above. However, they also have the added benefit of being mobile and height adjustable.

These mobile chairs are perfect for computer spaces and flexible learning areas.




Mogoo Stools

The Mogoo Stool comes in four different sizes, each with eye-catching colour rings to choose from. The Stool is customizable with different padding shapes and cushion upholstery. With its unique design and durability, the Mogoo Stool is a great addition to any classroom as it provides a great way to provide different types of seating positions throughout the day.

In conclusion, having a comfortable and ergonomic chair in Australian classrooms is crucial for student’s well-being and academic success. As students spend a considerable amount of time sitting in classrooms, it is essential to provide them with chairs that support their posture and promote their health. The chairs we showcased in this post are some of the most popular student chairs in Australia, each designed to provide comfort and ergonomic support.

Mogoo Stool's

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