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Tips On Buying New Classroom Chairs


A classroom is the main space where students spend most of their time learning, and in most situations, they learn while sitting. So, it is important that the school furniture is of an exceedingly high quality while also being comfortable for long hours of use.

Check out the five factors you should consider when buying new classroom chairs:

  1. Height and Age
    First and foremost, consider the setting that the chairs will be primarily used. Will the chairs be used for kindergarten classrooms, or may they also be used for older children? Abax Kingfisher’s Classic Classroom Chairs are available in various seat heights to accommodate all student ages. If the chairs are to be used by various age groups, we recommend purchasing the chair height made for the oldest year group, as it is better for chairs to be too big rather than too small.blank
  2. Storage

If you have minimal space within the classroom, consider investing in chairs that also provide storage for your students. Chairs with book baskets offer easy access for students to reach the supplies needed during the day, without causing too much movement within the classroom. This may also remove the need for additional school furniture, such as storage units. However, if storage is available for students’ belongings, you will have more flexibility when choosing your classroom chairs.


  1. Mobility

Classrooms are now designed to foster both individual and collaborative work. Therefore, it is important to purchase chairs that are both mobile and stackable. Abax Kingfisher’s Ariah Mobile Chair is the ideal mobile and stackable chair, allowing you and your students to easily transform your classroom.blank

  1. Movement

Teachers may find that it may be difficult for students to sit still for long periods of time. Our solution is to provide chairs that include a backrest designed for flexible movement, this is also known as active seating. Active seating keeps your students’ bodies active, while taking the edge off nervous or excess energy.blank

  1. Colour
    Colour plays an important role in setting the mood in the classroom. For example, the colour blue has been proven to help calm nerves, while green energizes the senses, and purple tends to stimulate creativity. Consider what subjects will be taught in the classroom and choose accordingly.

Abax Kingfisher offers the finest student furniture NSW can provide, and the ideal classroom chairs for your primary or senior spaces. Contact us today so we can support you in creating the best classroom environment possible!

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