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Teacher’s Wall – Layout 1


  • Joinery Finish
  • Customisable
  • Huge Range of colours available
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Introducing our Teacher Wall – Layout 1: The perfect solution for organizing and optimizing your classroom space. Crafted with durability and functionality in mind, this teacher wall is designed to meet all your storage and display needs.

Constructed from heavy-duty 18mm E0 melamine and reinforced with 2mm ABS edging, this cabinet is built to withstand the demands of a busy educational environment. The sturdy materials ensure longevity, providing you with a reliable storage solution for years to come.


The Teacher’s Wall – Layout 1 features a versatile range of shelves, cabinets, and openings, allowing you to store and showcase various teaching materials. Whether it’s textbooks, stationery supplies, or classroom resources, this wall layout offers ample space and organization options.


To enhance its practicality, the Teacher Wall can be customized with integrated power and data options, enabling you to connect and charge your devices conveniently. Choose between a fixed or free-standing design, depending on your specific classroom layout requirements.


To further streamline your organizational needs, the Teacher’s Wall – Layout 1 can be supplemented with our optional plastic tote trays. These trays (320mmL x 430mmD x 125mmH) are the perfect addition, providing additional storage space for smaller items and enhancing the overall functionality of the wall layout.


We stand behind the quality and durability of our Teacher’s Wall – Layout 1, which is why we offer a generous 10-year warranty. We are confident that this wall layout will withstand the rigours of daily classroom use, providing you with peace of mind.


Please note that the Teacher’s Wall – Layout 1 has a lead time of 35 working days to ensure meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail. We understand the importance of prompt delivery, and we strive to meet your expectations within the specified timeframe.


The Teacher’s Wall – Layout 1 comes with a beautiful Abax Kingfisher Standard Melamine Range finish, adding a touch of sophistication to your classroom environment. The neutral tones complement any decor style, creating a professional and inviting atmosphere.


Additionally, we offer custom depth cabinets to suit your specific requirements. However, please be aware that additional lead times and costs may apply for customizations.


Dimensions and Additional Information:
  • Layout 1 Overall Dimensions: 3600mmL x 500mmW x 1850 – 730mmH
Double Tote Bookcase:
  • Overall Dimensions: 900mmL x 500mmD x 1850mmH
  • Shelf Opening Height: 160mm – 278mm
  • 3x Adjustable Shelves
  • 10x Fixed Shelves
Single Tote Storage:
  • Overall Dimensions: 450mmL x 500mmD x 1850mmH
  • Shelf Opening Height: 160mm – 338mm
  • 3x Adjustable Shelves
  • 5x Fixed Shelves
5 Slot Open Tote Credenza:
  • Overall Dimensions: 2250mmL x 500mmD x 730mmH
  • Shelf Opening Height: 156mm
  • 20x Shelves


Transform your classroom into an organized and efficient learning environment with our Teacher Wall Layout 1. Experience the benefits of a well-designed storage solution that caters to your specific teaching needs. Order yours today and revolutionize your classroom experience!

Contact us at or 1300 300 369 for Customisable Teacher’s wall


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