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LittleLuxe Narrow School Bag Cabinet

  • Perfect for Pre-K Classrooms
  • Built to last
  • 10 Years Warranty
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LittleLuxe Narrow School Bag Cabinet: Smart Storage for Compact Spaces

Introducing the LittleLuxe Narrow School Bag Cabinet, a space-saving storage solution crafted to meet the specific needs of educational environments. Designed with precision from high-quality birch plywood, this cabinet boasts a narrow profile, making it ideal for tight spaces while maximizing floor space. With dimensions of 605mmL x 330mmW x 1200mmH and 900mmL x 330mmW x 825mmH, the Narrow School Bag Cabinet provides organized and ergonomic storage for school bags and personal belongings. Let’s delve into the features that make this cabinet an intelligent addition to educational spaces.

Sizes & Dimensions:
  • 605mmL x 330mmW x 1200mmH
  • 900mmL x 330mmW x 825mmH
Materials and Construction:

Constructed from high-quality birch plywood, the cabinet is not only durable but also brings a touch of natural elegance to the educational environment. The premium materials used in its construction guarantee longevity, ensuring the cabinet stands up to the demands of daily use.

  • Narrow Design: The cabinet’s narrow profile is specifically engineered to fit into tight spaces, making it an excellent choice for corridors, hallways, or any area where space is limited. This design choice maximizes floor space without compromising on storage capacity.
  • Organized Storage: With designated spaces for school bags and personal belongings, this cabinet promotes organization and cleanliness in educational environments. The thoughtful layout ensures that items are stored in a tidy and accessible manner.
  • Ergonomic Design: The cabinet is ergonomically designed to provide easy access and use. Students and staff can effortlessly store and retrieve their belongings, contributing to a smooth and efficient daily routine.
  • Sturdy Construction: Built with stability in mind, the Narrow School Bag Cabinet boasts a sturdy construction that ensures reliable storage of bags and items. The cabinet is engineered to withstand the rigors of daily use in educational settings.
  • Easy to Clean: Educational environments demand practical solutions, and the easy-to-clean surface of the cabinet makes maintenance a breeze. This feature ensures that the cabinet remains a practical and hygienic addition to schools and other educational spaces.

We are confident in the durability and quality of the Narrow School Bag Cabinet, which is why we offer an extensive 10-year warranty. Your investment is protected, providing peace of mind for years of reliable and efficient storage.

Lead Time:

Understanding the importance of timely delivery, we have a lead time of 49 days. We work diligently to ensure your Narrow School Bag Cabinet arrives promptly, ready to enhance the organization of your educational space.


The finish of the cabinet is a beautiful birch plywood, offering a natural and inviting look. The neutral finish seamlessly integrates with various design aesthetics, contributing to a harmonious and visually appealing educational environment.

In conclusion, the LittleLuxe Narrow School Bag Cabinet is not just a storage solution; it’s a thoughtful and space-saving addition to educational spaces. With its narrow design, organized storage, and ergonomic features, this cabinet optimizes efficiency while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance. Elevate the organization of your educational environment with the Narrow School Bag Cabinet today!

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