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Landi Chair


  • East Maintenace
  • Versatile Seating
  • 10 Years Warranty
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Introducing the Landi Chair – Timeless Elegance, Modern Versatility, and Lasting Comfort

Revolutionize your spaces with the Landi Chair, a stunning embodiment of timeless elegance and modern versatility. Crafted with precision from American ash, this chair seamlessly combines minimalist design with durable construction to enhance various interiors, be it collaborative workspaces, offices, libraries, or classrooms.

  • Overall Dimensions: 510mmW x 520mmD x 800mmH
  • Seat Height: 450mm
Materials & Construction:

Constructed from premium American ash, the Landi Chair not only stands as a testament to durability but also adds a touch of natural charm to any space. The choice of material ensures a timeless appeal, making the Landi Chair an enduring piece in your interior design.

  • Natural American Ash Finish: Opt for the Natural American Ash finish to bring a timeless, organic look to your space. This finish adds warmth and charm, making the chair a centerpiece that resonates with both classic and contemporary aesthetics.
  • Compact and Versatile Design: The chair’s compact design suits various layouts and seating needs, making it an ideal choice for collaborative spaces, promoting group discussions, and facilitating team activities.
  • Minimalist Styling: Its minimalist design and finishes offer a stylish appearance that seamlessly blends with diverse interiors. The Landi Chair adds a touch of sophistication without overwhelming the visual harmony of your space.
  • Adaptable to Various Environments: The versatile chair seamlessly fits into libraries, offices, or classrooms, adapting to each space’s unique needs. Its adaptability makes it a go-to seating solution for a range of environments.
  • Durable Construction: Crafted with durability in mind, the chair’s robust construction ensures a lasting appeal, making it a valuable investment for spaces that evolve over time.

Rest easy with a 10-year warranty, a testament to the Landi Chair’s durability and the manufacturer’s commitment to quality.

Lead Time:

Plan ahead with a lead time of 49 days, ensuring meticulous craftsmanship and timely delivery of your Landi Chair.


Choose the finish that best suits your aesthetic preferences – Natural American Ash for a timeless and organic look, or Black Stained American Ash for a modern and bold statement.

Elevate your spaces with the Landi Chair – where timeless elegance meets modern versatility. Redefine your seating experience with this exceptional piece, ensuring comfort, durability, and lasting appeal in every setting. Choose the Landi Chair for a chair that stands the test of time.

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