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DuoGuard Safe


  • Burglary Resistant
  • Torch Resistant
  • 10 Years Warranty
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DuoGuard Safe: A Fortified Haven for Your Valuables

Introducing DuoGuard Safe, the pinnacle of security and resilience in the realm of safes. Meticulously engineered and crafted from solid steel, the series provides an impenetrable fortress for your most cherished possessions. With a range of sizes and features it stands as a testament to uncompromising security.

Sizes and Dimensions:
  • DuoGuard Safe 40
    • Dimensions: 500mmW x 456mmD x 435mmH
    • Capacity: 40L
    • Number of Shelf: 1
  • DuoGuard Safe 60
    • Dimensions: 500mmW x 521mmD x 530mmH
    • Capacity: 62L
    • Number of Shelf: 1
  • DuoGuard Safe 110
    • Dimensions: 600mmW x 561mmD x 690mmH
    • Capacity: 114L
    • Number of Shelf: 2
  • DuoGuard Safe 150
    • Dimensions: 600mmW x 561mmD x 875mmH
    • Capacity: 150L
    • Number of Shelf: 2
  • DuoGuard Safe 200
    • Dimensions: 600mmW x 561mmD x 1150mmH
    • Capacity: 203L
    • Number of Shelf: 2
  • DuoGuard Safe 350
    • Dimensions: 675mmW x 585mmD x 1600mmH
    • Capacity: 354L
    • Number of Shelf: 3
  • DuoGuard Safe 450
    • Dimensions: 675mmW x 615mmD x 1850mmH
    • Capacity: 443L
    • Number of Shelf: 3
Materials and Construction:

Built with a commitment to security, each safe is constructed from solid steel. This material not only ensures protection against burglary but also withstands fire, providing a comprehensive defense for your valuables. The three-way boltwork, comprised of solid steel bolts, adds an extra layer of security, making unauthorized access virtually impossible.

  • Certified Burglary Protection: Safe goes above and beyond industry standards, certified by ECB•S for Grades 0 and I in accordance with EN 1143-1. This certification attests to the series’ exceptional burglary protection, setting it apart as a top-tier choice for safeguarding your assets.
  • Torch-Resistant Barrier Material: Incorporating Dualite, a torch-resistant barrier material, achieves a delicate balance between weight reduction and enhanced protection. This innovative material reinforces the safe’s structural integrity, ensuring that security is not compromised for the sake of convenience.
  • Ergonomic Design and Internal Flexibility: Experience ease of use with the ergonomic soft-touch handle designed for effortless operation. Internally equipped with a range of fittings to maximize storage capacity. This meticulous attention to detail ensures that your valuables are not only secure but also organized within the safe.
  • Advanced Security Features: Incorporates an active relocker and anti-drilling plates into its boltwork, enhancing burglary resistance. These advanced features provide an additional layer of defense, ensuring that the safe remains impenetrable even under sophisticated intrusion attempts.

Invest with confidence, as each DuoGuard Safe is backed by a 10-year warranty. This extended warranty period reflects our commitment to quality and serves as a testament to the durability and reliability.

Lead Time:

Experience the security of DuoGuard Safe within 49 days. Our streamlined production process ensures precision crafting and timely delivery, transforming your space into a fortified haven for your valuables in no time.

Choose DuoGuard Safe for the ultimate blend of size-specific security, robust construction, and advanced features. Elevate your security standards with the series, where each safe is a testament to uncompromising protection and peace of mind.

See our Datasheet for more information!


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